20 years with this Artist’s Muse

Over time, the word has come to refer to a person who is an artist’s source of inspiration, driving their creativity through the formation of an intuitive, visceral, and complex relationship. Often collaborating with artists in their most seminal works, the muse elevates their status and emboldens their practice. http://quote reference

My Granddaughter Emily turns 20 years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUNK!

Both born in May only 40 years apart.

This girl has blessed my life in ways I can never put words to. She is truly beautiful on the inside and outside. Emily is a light to those around her. She Loves BIG and and truly cares for all that she meets. She glows with love , laughter and life,

although I don’t think she knows it or believes me when I tell her so.

But I guess that I can understand that. I mean if you are a person that lights up the room with your presence, the light proceeds you as you walk into a room, so you don’t really see any big change in the room or the lives that you enter, but others definitely feel it and see it. I just can’t get enough of drawing and painting this amazing beautiful soul! Though no matter how good I ever get at my craft I will never be able to paint her as radiant as she really is.



  1. 1.sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.

Emily has been my biggest inspiration, encouragement, and supporter of me in my art and My life! She has always encouraged me to press forward on anything I think might be to big for me to attempt. She is always there to tell me that “You can do it Granny, You are amazing!”

I sometimes think that She thinks that I could grow wings and fly if I wanted to. And If I could, she would be the one I would want to do it for.

Happy Birthday my beautiful Muse! I LOVE YOU EVER SO MUCH! Keep JESUS in your life and keep on Shinning. This world always needs more light in it! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO